Green Office Policy

Green office policy
We reduce paper consumption

We have completely switched to electronic documents; We print only when necessary and when required by partners or legislation
The presses in our office are set to double-sided printing (or other paper-saving modes) by default;
We use only FSC-certified paper, and for in-house printing we use only recycled paper
We have developed tour catalogs in electronic form and limited the printing of brochures and catalogs as much as possible;
If it is necessary to print marketing materials, we print on environmentally friendly paper in a printing house that works with a certified environmental management system
We reduce the consumption of single-use plastic in working area.
We have installed a water filter so that you can drink water from the tap.
We purchased reusable tableware
We actively reduce the use of disposable goods and goods in disposable packaging, only for customers we use disposable cups.
We buy cleaning products in reusable packaging, which we refill

We reduce water consumption

Monitor and reduce water consumption; over the past 3 years we have managed to reduce the water consumption in the office by 10% and our goal is to reduce energy consumption by 5% annually
Regularly monitor the serviceability of faucets and plumbing
Using a water-saving dishwasher
Sorting waste and recycling

We comply with national legislation on waste disposal
Avoid packaging materials that are not recyclable or biodegradable
We introduced separate waste collection in the office, organising sites for temporary storage of recyclables and signed a contract with a company that accepts it
We separate all waste that can be recycled and organise the collection and proper disposal of plastic, paper, glass and metal

Handle hazardous substances responsibly

We use cleaning materials that are not hazardous and have an environmental label (Life Leaf or EU Ecolabel)
Reduce and replace the use of harmful substances, properly store, handle and dispose of chemicals
When renovating the office, we use lead-free water-based paints
Reduce the use of ink and toner cartridges for printing and copying
We comply with national legislation on wastewater treatment (our wastewater is collected by government organisations)
When choosing office equipment and other electrical appliances, we focus on the environmental rating of electronics manufacturers
Dispose of batteries properly
We buy responsibly

We buy only the necessary goods
We buy locally produced products and services, including food, drinks, stationery. Whenever possible, we support small and family-run local businesses.
We give preference to products with environmental certification.
When buying new products, we choose equipment with low energy consumption, taking into account the cost and quality
When buying, we take into account the social responsibility and reputation of the company.
All tea and coffee in our office are Fair Trade certified
We buy products in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging materials
We do not purchase products containing GMOs
Our corporate gifts for our partners, employees and even guests are made by a local social enterprise and young local artists.

Choosing sustainable modes of transport

We allow our employees to work twice a week from home to limit the amount of time they spend on public transport.
We have halved the number of business trips and organise online conferences when there is no need for face-to-face meetings.
We financially encourage employees to use public transport, as well as favorable conditions for buying a bicycle
We maintain and inspect company vehicles to reduce emissions and energy consumption and ensure they comply with emission regulations

We are for the protection of nature

We comply with all national and local laws regarding the environment and nature conservation, land use and protected areas
Provide periodic guidance, training and information to all employees on their roles and responsibilities regarding internal environmental practices, the importance of protecting the environment and the responsible use of natural resources
We contribute to the protection and preservation of local natural objects and do not interfere with access to them by local residents
We support environmental projects in our region and 4 times a year we participate in forest cleaning.

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