Politics of Sustainability

Our main goal of Sustainability Politics is to provide authentic tours in Central Asia by making peoples’ life better by developing sustainability in the area with eco friendly products. With the corporation with locals (Guest Houses, local activity providers) we help to the travellers to experience sustainability of the area and have perfect trip with the interests of local community. 
  • To create opportunities to achieve better profit resulted by creating eco-friendly products and services with the corporation local community and their interest;
  • Support local eco conscious accommodations and work with them;
  • Support local economies, and opt for sustainable activities;
  • Reduce food and plastic waste and use local natural products;
  • Limit energy use and conserve water and leave a place better than you found it
  • Stay at local home stays at least twice in a tour and offer handmade crafts to the tourists. 
  • Purchase locally made products and use during the tour.
  • Why you should travel with us? We always choose the places where you will experience eco-friendly accommodations it prioritised the protection of wild area. 
  • Plastic often ends up in nature, poisoning the environment and even directly killing wildlife, but we greatly reduce the waste being generated with reusable bottles and filtration systems.
  • Supporting local economy by reaching to the remote villages and stay at real eco families who do not use harmful items.
  • Saving energy by using solar pans. 
  • Keep the nature clean from trashes, we always collect garbage and take for recycling. 


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