Not well-known, but extremely beautiful! Sary-Chelek

Kyrgyzstan, located at the heart of Central Asia, has a lot to offer and there are many unknown destinations with incredible landscapes waiting to be explored. Sary – Chelek Biosphere Reserve is one of these places, which is getting known very fast. Sary Chelek inspires you with its extremely unique sceneries, untouched - nature, wildlife, several wonderful mountain lakes reflecting the sky full of stars at nights. The most impressive part is to meet real shepherds pasturing their herds and witnessing Kyrgyz life as a nomad. “Leave the road, take the trails, Pythagoras” off the beaten road takes you to the trails that take you to the middle of nowhere, experiencing nature as intended.

What is this place called!? And the places nearby!

Sary Chelek Biosphere Reserve is located in Western Kyrgyzstan, Jalalabad province. And it lies from 1200 to 4250m above sea level nested between Chatkal and At-Oinok ranges, where Koja Ata river runs down. The biosphere was established in 1959, and was designated as World reserve by UNESCO in 1978. There is a village called Arkyt in the region, where you see around 981 different kind of trees, such as fruit trees: apple, pear, pine trees, juniper trees, a walnut forest and more than 40 species of animals, 150 species of birds: dear, bear and more.  The area received its name by the lake of Sary Chelek (yellow bucket). There are also a number of smaller lakes with different names and gorgeous views. How to get there: Sary Chelek Biosphere reserve is 480km in western Kyrgyzstan via M41. It takes approximately 9 hours driving. On the main road that connects South and North Kyrgyzstan via several passes: Too Ashuu, Ala Bel, Kok bel, Tegene, where you can enjoy magnificent views that would not let you get bored when you drive long distance, these places have their own charms. You can do many stops for photo opportunities and discovery and experience nomads’ life in the Suusamyr valley during the summer.

Where to stay:

There are several Guest Houses in Arkyt village, some of them belong to Community Based Tourism; accommodations can also be easily found in B&B Guest Houses when you enter the village. These are very interesting and unique villages surrounded by mountains. There are nice Guest Houses on the left side of the road where you can make a reservation and few on the other side of river once you enter the gate and drive through the wooden bridge. Beautiful and peaceful place surrounded by walnut trees. You can also stay in nearby Jylgyn and Kyzyl Tuu villages where you can experience rural life. If you want to start your trek from Karasuu gorge, then there is a CBT Guest Houses and tourist info center where you can get more information or get your toured guide with horses.

The best time to visit is:

This place is great to visit from April to October, and it is possible to do horse riding during the winter. But there is no need to spend a lot time in Sary Chelek lake which It is very crowded by local tourists during the summer, it is better start your trek right after enjoying the beauties (about an hour).  Something is missing here What to do: Probably most of you may have heard about Sary Chelek lake, and also were wondering what is like or what activities can be done!?: There are a lot of things to do: Trekking, hiking, horse riding, camping, staying with shepherds, experience local life, herding the animals and more. Those activities can be from half day up to 7 days or more up to your wishes. The best one is 4-5 days of trekking or 3-4 days of horse riding.  

Be aware, there are snakes!

When you do hiking in this gorgeous place, be aware of the snakes! There are some snakes which are dangerous! Each year its different, you might see them a lot on trails, when you hike, they like to relax under the sun, so usually they appear in front of you! When you see them do not get scared or do not try to scare them. Just let them go, they will move out once they see you! Bears! They run away once they hear your voice from far! You will see their footsteps! They love to eat barriers If you trek during the season of raspberries, you will get to see them. If you are willing to travel to western Kyrgyzstan or to Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia, we will be happy to be useful for your needs! +996776838489        

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    Being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings. Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical wellbeing, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.

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